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Photographer of the Day: Fitz Crittle Photography

Category: Sports Photographer: Fitz Crittle Photography “Gasparilla Run” Running is a sport that can bring out the best and worst in athletes, especially when it comes to showing their emotions.

Photographer of the Day: Cecil Ramsey

Category: Sports Photograph: Cecil Ramsey “Ben – Lake Minneola HS” Cecil’s ability to capture the swimmer mid-stroke is impressive. The emotion on the swimmer’s face as he pushes his arms

Photographer of the Day: Plane Motorsport 2014

Category: Sports Photograph: Plane Motorsport 2014 CAL CRUTCHLOW #35 This photograph of a motorcycle race is a perfect example of panning, where the background blurs as you follow the subject.

Photographer of the Day: Brady

Category: Sports Photograph: Brady “Indianapolis 500” Brady gets a different view of the excitement at the Indianapolis 500, focusing on capturing a wide shot of the ground with cars driving

Photofocus Photographer of the Day Camilo Getzama'

Photographer of the Day: Camilo Getzamá‎

Category: Sports Photograph: Camilo Getzamá‎ “Night race” Camilo gives us a shot of a go-cart race, which is noticeably sharp. By selecting to edit this in black and white, some

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Sports Photograph: Peter Hickson “Racing in Hayling Bay” Peter does a great job of working around the conditions in capturing this photo of a racing sailboat in Hayling Bay.

Photographer of the Day: Dan Schneider

Category: Sports Photography Photograph:“Rush Hour” by Dan Schneider Dan gives a different take on what we think of as “rush hour,” showcasing runners in the early morning as they race by. Dan

Photographing Drag Races

Guest Post & Photo by Joe Farace There is an old racers expression that goes: Theres no substitute for cubic inches. Translating that into advice for drag racing photography turns

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