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Realistic HDR with Photomatix Pro

Realistic HDR images with Photomatix Pro

HDR photography gets a bad rap. Many believe that HDR means over-contrasted, over-saturated, over-sharpened photos. But in reality, HDR is really just blending multiple images together. And by using the technique

HDR: Is a Three Step Process

The biggest mistake HDR shooters make is trying to rush 
the process. Some think its as simple as shooting the photos and running them through a merging application. Others try

Should I say “HDR” anymore?

I find myself using the term ‘HDR’ less and less every day. When I started as a panoramic photographer in 2002, I was continually frustrated because almost every 360º scene

44 Free Presets for Photomatix

Free Presets?  You Bet! The team at Photofocus has put together a collection of free presets to help you get the most out of HDRsoft’s Photomatix.  These presets are absolutely FREE, you

Go Make A Panorama

You should make a lot more panoramic photographs. It’s a great way to capture a larger view of the world, and you don’t need to buy a new lens. In

Presets Make Photomatix Pro Simple to Learn

Once Photomatix Pro 5 opens a set of bracketed images, especially in Tone Compressor, the choices of controls is kind of intimidating. The first question that comes to mind is

Photomatix for Linux!

Most of my friends and acquaintances in the photography world know that I work with HDRsoft who makes Photomatix software.  Photomatix is used to combine and render bracketed images for high

Essential Gear for HDR Photography

To capture great HDR images, you need some essential equipment. Most of it you probably already own, but may not aways bring with you on a shoot. It’s important to

The Best Photographers Practice Finishing

Practicing with your tools on daily pictures will make you a better photographer when it counts. Having your camera with you isn’t enough to make you a better photographer. You

Instant Replay: Panoramas and HDR with Ron Pepper

Join Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim with their special guest Ron Pepper, a photographer who makes a living shooting panoramic and HDR photographs. Pepper puts these special photographic techniques to incredible uses,

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Exploring A Port Huron Scene With Photomatix

For a while now, I’ve been itching to begin experimenting with incorporating the Photomatix software into my workflow. One bright sunny Michigan morning, I had the opportunity to do just

Shooting Landscapes? Go the Extra Mile

Landscape photography brings its own rewards. Being in a beautiful place at a tranquil time of day is therapeutic. Add good company, and it doesn’t really matter if you make

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