Photographer of the Day: iLOVEnature Photography

Category: Outdoor Photographer: iLOVEnature Photography Photo: “Winter Sunset Silhouettes Nature’s Inspiration” Such beautiful details in this foxtail at sunset. It’s really amazing to see the shapes within the stalk. I also love the

Photographer of the Day: Andre vd Meulen

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Andre vd Meulen Photo: “Line to Infinity” I love the mystery in this. Where do those trees disappear to? Some mystical land. Beautifully composed with soft tones to lead us into

Photographer of the Day: Hani Bader

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Hani Bader Photo: “Underwater” The first thing that made me stop and look at this image was the color. The bright blue with the red/orange plant just pop. Secondly, the

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Taking Time Just For Me” I love the light and shadows in this image. I can hear the peace and quiet of the leaves rustling. I can

Photographer of the Day: Jim Denham

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jim Denham Photo: “Fog in the Trees” What a magical moment captured. I love the warmth through the trees created by the mixture of the sun and fog. If you read

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Joe Photo: “Trees Through the Mist” Oh so moody. The symmetry created by the reflection makes this even more mysterious as if you can’t tell up from down. Images like

Photographer of the Day: Kurt Kramer

Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Lauri Novak back to Photographer of the Day, who will be curating the Outdoor category. Thank you to Rob Sylvan for all your hard work!

Photographer of the Day: Ken Rowland

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Rowland Photo: “Snake River View” Such a classic view of Grand Teton National Park. Certainly made famous by Ansel Adams, but also surely by the grandeur

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Newton

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jeff Newton Photo: “From sunlight into the dark” I love silhouettes of birds in flight, as the photo becomes more about shape than the bird. I also

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Elizabeth

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Barbara Elizabeth Photo: “Purple Lady Slipper” Finding a lady slipper in the forest is always like finding a rare jewel. Such an ornate burst of color sprouting

Photographer of the Day: Kristian Bjornstad

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Kristian Bjornstad Photo: “Winter Wonderland 7” Living in the Northeast, I love this time of year. Bring on the snow! Nothing changes an ordinary scene into a

Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Don Komarechka Photo: “Snowflake-a-Day No. 25” I’ve been a big fan of Don’s work for some time, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in person

Photographer of the Day: Matt Cuda

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Matt Cuda Photo: “Great Blue Heron” Wow! What a moment! Whenever I see a great blue heron I can’t help thinking that I’m looking at a prehistoric

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Kestrel” A striking portrait of a beautiful bird. I just love the color, vibrancy and the stunning detail captured in this photo. Thanks for

Photographer of the Day: Davide Ibiza

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Davide Ibiza Photo: “oggi è una giornata così” A wonderful scene for making a super long exposure. The stability of the wharf stands out all the more

Photographer of the Day: Melinda G

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Melinda G Photo: “[Insert Hallelujah Chorus here]” A perfect moment frozen in time! I love the symmetry of the wings, the colors, and even the water droplets.

Photographer of the Day: Juan María Coy

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Juan María Coy Photo: “Sky mirror, sunset reflections at Lake Misurina – Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno,Veneto, Italy)” Awesome reflections? Stunning sky? Check and check! The perspective of

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Peter Hickson Photo: “Standing firm in the face of Storm Callum” Raw beauty and strength captured in a single frame. Strength of the sea for sure, but

Photographer of the Day: Pamela Aminou

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Pamela Aminou Photo: “Nature at its best” Excellent use of a long exposure to convey the mood of this scene, and the B&W conversion pulls it all

Photographer of the Day: Erik Karole

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Erik Karole Photo: “Fall Feather” “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop Lovely color and a wonderful alternative way

Photographer of the Day: Ken Mickel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Mickel Photo: “Untitled” While this is a photo of a truly beautiful flower, it was the quality of the light that held my eye. The subject