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Adding Realistic Eyelashes in Photoshop
Makeup for Men: Making Better Portraits
Tips for Finding and Working with a Professional Makeup Artist
Building an Essentials Makeup Kit
Three Excellent Reasons You Need an MUA
Interview with a Makeup Artist: How can they enhance your shoot?
How Watching Makeup Tutorials Can Help Beauty Retouching

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Building an Essentials Makeup Kit

Whether you shooting portraits or a video, keeping a makeup kit handy can help make your subjects look their best. I catch up with stylist Kim Foley. In this video from you’ll learn some expert tips and tricks for

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Three Excellent Reasons You Need an MUA

Sorry, a MUA isn’t a new piece of gear… it’s a person. Working with a makeup artist (MUA) for the first time is a memorable experience. I used to think an MUA just put makeup on people, but that’s like

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