Fixing HDR Ghosting with Photomatix Pro

It’s a sunny, windy day. You’re shooting architecture and using bracketing to ultimately capture an image that’s exposed perfectly. But you forget about the flag on the building, and how

Deghosting HDR Images in Photomatix

HDR Photos are created by merging two or more exposures together to show the entire dynamic range of a scene. This is an great tool that we explore fully in

Create Great HDR Images without a Remote Trigger

One of the frustrations when combining multiple exposures into an HDR image is ghosting. This appears if the camera has shifted even the slightest bit between images. HDR processing software like Lightroom or Photomatix Pro can do a pretty good job at aligning the images and removing ghosting, but it doesn’t always work. This is where the built-in timer comes in handy.

How To Get Cleaner HDR Photos

In this tutorial I show you how to get cleaner HDR photographs. In this example I am merging three exposures shot from a bouncing and moving platform (aka a boat).