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Hello Hero 4

Say Hello To Your New Hero, from GoPro

We have a new GoPro. In fact, we have three. Like many of you, I have been waiting for these new action cameras to drop. Now that they have, let’s take a look at what each offers, where it might fit in in your kit and what the new entries might signal about the future of the line.

Never Forget

I grew up in a quaint 2-family house located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. For my entire life up until leaving for university, I could remember seeing the

Scott Hargis | Photographer of the Week

Scott Hargis is a highly respected architectural photographer with a massive portfolio filled with truly spectacular spaces photographed brilliantly. I wanted to know what made this guy tick, and what

Featured Photo by Franco Crocetta

“I took this set of pictures at Recoulver Towers on the coast of Kent(UK), in september 2010. Having always been fascinated by this place I wanted to frame the kind

Mayeul Akpovi | Photographer of the Week

This week we are featuring a different kind of photographer… one who embraces the captured moments as well as putting time to a visual experience. Mayeul Akpovi is a self-described

Vertical Panos Beat Wide Lenses

I’ve been talking a lot about using primes lenses, lately (thanks, and how great they are for growing your vision. I mentioned in the first post that when your

Rebecca Britt | Photographer of the Week

Rebecca Britt embodies almost everything that could fall under the designation “commercial photographer.” She’s one of the big names in EDM concert photography, she excels in studio headshot portraiture, tackles

Michael Woloszynowicz | Photographer of the Week

Michael Woloszynowicz, like many of the other talented photographers out there, started with humble beginnings, honing his craft and developing a personal style. Portraiture started out with basic tools like

Featured Photo by Aydin Palabiyikoglu

“The photograph was taken at March 2nd, 2014 just after sunset by using Nikon D800 camera, Sigma 20mm f/1.8 Lens and ND filter. Pavilion lighted by halogen flood light while

Michael Kelley | Photographer of the Week

Michael Kelley didn’t graduate from a photo school, didn’t take photo classes and if you met him right out of college, he would have told you he was going to

Using Lightroom and Photoshop for HDR

Using Lightroom and Photoshop, you can create stunning HDR images without the use of a 3rd party plugin, and you’ll be left with with great results! Disclaimer: This is just

How to Beat Chromatic Aberration

Nikon D800, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @ 28mm, f/11, 7 frame HDR, finished in Photomatix Pro. Chromatic aberration may show up as a colored halo in your images, usually surrounding

Featured Photo By Dennis Ramos

_____________________ This shot was taken during our family vacation trip in Downtown Atlanta. It’s part of the downtown series I made that features some few buildings around the city. The

Featured Photo by Barry Mountford

Editors Note: Each week well be featuring members of the Photofocus community. Part of our New Years resolution is to focus on new and emerging talent. As such, Melissa Niu

Featured Photo by Scot Hampton

This was shot on one of those warm nights we had in early November. (I was in a t-shirt…sorry East coasters!) Anyway, I had been wanting to shoot this building