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I do a lot of shooting with GoPro cameras.  They offer a great size to price to performance ratio and really allow for some creative work. The thing is, the more you shoot with GoPros, the more accessories and gadgets you collect.  The GoPro camera is all about getting unique angles and point of view shots, so a bit of gear goes a long way.

Here’s what’s in my GoPro Go Bag, if you’re looking for gift ideas or something for yourself, this list is what I take in the field for most projects. Do I own other specialty items (of course) but this all fits in one small bag and stays ready to go.

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Camera Bodies & Essentials


The Ultimate Go Pro Bag


If you’re looking for the ultimate GoPro bag, the Tenba 632-451 Tenba 14L ActionPack has it all. It’s a comfortable fit (even with broad shoulders). Inside are four removable smaller bags that offer divided compartments. I’ve packed six cameras and a full suite of batteries and accessories for one trip.

The bag also offers several large pockets and the ability to hold a CamelBak water bladder for the trip. There are also two small pouches to hold memory cards, thumbscrews, and small accessories. The side pockets are plenty big to hold a a GorillaPod, a Platypod and other tripod accessories.

I’ve taken this bag around the world and its absolutely the best for this type of work.




Camera Support


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