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Technology Preview: Search for Lightroom

Adobe announces technology previews for Lightroom on the web. Technology Previews These are a set of “test drives” for new features before they are released officially. Technology previews offer the

Book Review ~ The Visual Palette

Photographer and Photofocus author Brian Matiash has written a truly useful book The Visual Palette. Brian asks us if our photographs are remarkable in any way at all. He also

Photoshop’s Puppet Warp Slims a Face

Sometimes a client says “Can you please make my face slimmer?” While she (in this case it’s a woman) thinks her face is too wide and I don’t, she is

Lightroom Mobile 2.2

The Honda Odyssey above was boldly going up Peachtree Boulevard smartly dressed as a shuttle from the StarShip Enterprise. That look into the future reminded me that everyday gets better

Photo of the Day: A Path to Reelfoot

Category: Nature Photograph: “A Path to Reelfoot” by Jim Denham The royal purple and violet colors of the sky and its reflection in the lake are framed by trees on either

The Power of a Photograph

Almost twenty years ago Atlanta was frenetically preparing for the Centennial Olympic Games. Immediately after every Olympics, the Paralympic Games are held. These disabled athletes have lots of determination and

Photo of the Day: FWP016

Category: Fashion Photograph: “FWP016 by UK Photo Art First, I love the title. FWP016 is mysterious or is it an abbreviation? I love the photography because the pose isn’t conventional.

Photography’s Basics: Exposure

What is exposure anyway? A colleague of mine says it is the amount of light required to record an image. She’s absolutely right of course. Her answer made me thing

Photo of the Day: Alien Goddess

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Alien Goddess” by Tuesday Fashion is makeup too. Tuesday has portrayed her model as an outworlder whose pastel rectangles of blue, magenta, orange and purple float against

Photography’s Basics: ISO

At the Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, digital capture was on the horizon. It wasn’t ready for prime time. The photograph above is of the Canadian Tandem Cycling Team.

Photo of the Day: Tuxedo

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Tuxedo” by Vincent Milum, Jr. Photographer Vincent Milum, Jr. offers the dinner jacket that started in the upstate New York countryside enclave Tuxedo Park a delightful re-imagining.

Photo of the Day: Dark Paradise

Category: Fashion Photograph: “Dark Paradise” by huremics “Dark Paradise” is an arresting image that sets the tone for a fashion spread in a magazine (print or online.) The sheer curtain

Photo of the Day: De Polvo y Flores

Category: Fashion Photograph: “De Polvo y Flores” by Benny Malkowski I chose this photograph by Benny Malkowski because I love its ethereal feeling. The muted tones and atmospheric perspective add

Deghosting HDR Images in Photomatix

HDR Photos are created by merging two or more exposures together to show the entire dynamic range of a scene. This is an great tool that we explore fully in

Photogs! Stay off Railroad Tracks

Editor’s Note: While we rarely try and tell photographer’s what to do… this is an important safety issue. Please be open minded. I lost my own grandfather to an accident

Photo of the Day: The Bump

Category: Commercial Photograph: “The Bump” by Dan Graham This sensitive black and white maternity portrait suggests uses for pre-natal care from seeing health care professional to pharmaceuticals. Originally shared with

Photo of the Day: 1225 Polar Express

Category: Commercial Photograph: “1225 Polar Express” by Thomas Nighswander. Originally shared with the Photofocus Google Plus community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the Photofocus,

Be a Photofocus Photographer of the Day!

Photography has been called the “universal language.” We all speak it by making photographs. The Photofocus Photo of the Day posts feature a great picture in seven primary categories: Weddings,

Photo of the Day: Clock Work Orange

Category: Commercial Photograph: “Clock Work Orange” by R. Tom Sizemore III The intricacies of clockworks remind the view of busy-ness, logistics, functionality & teamwork. The orange gear says warmth and

Atlanta Photo Walk–January 11th

Photofocus kicks off our 2016 Photo Walk series by starting in my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, January 11. We’ll meet at 4:30 at the SW corner of the Southern

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