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Panasonic GH4, Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 lens, f/1.2, 1/2000s, ISO 200. Copyright Levi Sim.

We’ve frequently talked about using polarizing filters to make more striking landscape photographs, but they are at least as important for making more vibrant portraits, and cutting your retouching time in half. Let me show you how it works, as well as some general tips. What Does a Polarizer Do? Polarizers reduce the visible affect […]

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Keep the Color in Your Flare with Flash

Depending on what school of thought you come from there are a few rules that we’re going to break in this photographic exercise. We are going to intentionally put a light source into the frame of our photo and by doing this we are going to artistically create lens flare to add a warm ethereal […]

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Broncolor Siros Monolight

I just got back from a week in Cologne Germany at the MASSIVE Photokina photo expo. Now I’m a trade show veteran, but the sheer scale of this 7 day show is unbelievable. No wonder manufacturers wait to release their newest products until this big gathering of visual creatives, every two years. If you’ve been […]

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It can be overwhelming to arrive at a beautiful landscape to make pictures, or to a portrait shoot and be faced with making great pictures on demand. When I make portraits for a client, I have to deliver, or there’s no food on the table–how’s that for pressure? Sometimes I see a good picture and […]

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This week’s podcast is a whopper…  packed with information and inspiration.  We have the world’s most popular photo instructor, Scott Kelby to share tips and news.  Then Rich Harrington and Chase Reynolds explore new gear from Nikon and Sony.  Lastly Levi Sim sits down with portrait photographer and Photofocus writer Kevin Ames. Get the show […]

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A simple rule when enhancing skin: Don’t make it look fake. Too often photographers don’t know when to stop when enhancing skin. They take the edit a little to far and it’s obvious the skin was touched up. The best option, but most expensive, is to hire a make up artist when shooting. It’s their job to make […]

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