I visited the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Vegas, Adobe had a huge booth. They showed the next generation of their video products (such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and SpeedGrade).  While they didn’t promise a release date, the likelihood was definitely stated as “soon.” which should mean major updates to other tools can’t be far behind.

Adobe offered a special deal to the video audience that can also be used by photogs as well.  Save 40% off a year of Creative Cloud (which drops it to $29 a month).  This offer can be used by anyone (even if you don’t own a qualifying upgrade product).  I strongly suspect this will be the best deal offered this year.

Remember, a few key facts about Creative Cloud.

  1. You get every Adobe Creative software tool.  This includes useful photo tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as companion apps like Digital Publishing Studio, Acrobat, and Muse for creating apps, PDFs, and websites.
  2. You always have the latest version installed on your drive.  These do not run in the cloud, the apps are local just like before.
  3. You get  20GB of Cloud storage and other cloud benefits that keep rolling out.
  4. You get a professional Behance account to build portfolios and search for jobs.
  5. You get updates sooner with no need to wait.

So if you’re sitting on the fence, consider the offer.  It expires April 19.


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  2. does anyone know if its possible to update a current $50 subscription to this? It sure would be helpful to a poor filmmaker like me!

  3. Hi, just tried to click link to discounted Adobe Cloud offer and it takes me to a page priced in UK pounds at £27.34, not sure why its done that as I’m in Australia and if I converted that to aussies dollars that comes out at forty something dollars. Any ideas why that is happening?


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