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Featured Photo by Joachim Radtke

Today’s photo is by Joachim Radtke. It shows the “Oberbaumbrcke” in Berlin wich is crossed by a subway. . “I did it with my Canon EOS 70d and the Canon

Avrohom Perl | Photographer of the Week

Photos of jewelry that makes you want to buy, subtle imagery of high tech devices in every day life, the perfect shot of food that makes your mouth water… who

Scott Basile | Photographer of the Week

Embracing new technologies while continuing to uphold the beauty of the old is something many do not attempt, instead focused on only the former part of that equation. For Scott

A Free Webinar on Aviation Photography

We were pleased to have Moose Peterson join us recently in the studio to talk to us about some of his new projects and share photo tips. We’ll have his

Richard Thompson III | Photographer of the Week

Car-lovers rejoice, because Richard Thompson’s photographs are the stuff of your dreams. Richard is a quiet, contemplative man who suddenly bursts with energy and love for his craft. Seeing him

Scott Hargis | Photographer of the Week

Scott Hargis is a highly respected architectural photographer with a massive portfolio filled with truly spectacular spaces photographed brilliantly. I wanted to know what made this guy tick, and what

Featured Photo by Franco Crocetta

“I took this set of pictures at Recoulver Towers on the coast of Kent(UK), in september 2010. Having always been fascinated by this place I wanted to frame the kind

Darshelle Stevens | Photographer of the Week

These aren’t official images from your favorite video game. No, that isn’t a photo from the set of “Maleficent” seen above. Surprised? Me too, which is why I was so

Featured Photo by Michael Zheng

This picture was shot on August 10, 2014 with Canon 70-200 f/2.8II and 500mm f/4.0 II using Canon 1Dx’s multiexposure function. It featured Dallas’ two unique landmarks – Margaret Hunt

Featured Photo by Jamie-Leigh Bissett

The image is called “Smoke on the Water”. It was taken just before sunrise on Aug. 8, in Londontowne, Maryland. Camera settings: f/13, shutter 4.0, ISO 200 To see more

Alex Reside | Photographer of the Week

I first met Alex Reside at a small cafe on San Francisco’s waterfront. After a few minutes shooting the breeze, I immediately liked the guy. Smart, witty and down to

Mayeul Akpovi | Photographer of the Week

This week we are featuring a different kind of photographer… one who embraces the captured moments as well as putting time to a visual experience. Mayeul Akpovi is a self-described

Featured Photo by Anders Lonnfeldt

Today’s featured photo is shot by Anders Lonnfeldt. Anders took this photo with a Lomography Petzval Lens. To see more of Ander’s work, see his portfolio . If you would

Featured Photo by Jim Denham

Even though the scene as I approached it looked pretty innocent, the cold feel and the mostly invisible landscape above the steps gave me a somewhat creepy, mysterious vision. The

Phillip Istomin | Photographer of the Week

Philip Istomin describes his work as “anything but ordinary,” and I’m hard pressed to disagree. His unusual fashion photography is somewhat unsettling in the best possible way- you just can’t

Featured Photo by KC Eng

This photograph was taken early in the morning against the window light, with a Leica M240 and Noctilux 0.95. To see more of Eng’s work, see his portfolio here. If

Featured Photo by Natalie Leck

Editors Note: Each week well be featuring members of the Photofocus community. Part of our New Years resolution is to focus on new and emerging talent. As such, Melissa Niu