white balance

Want Natural-Looking Light? Use Gels.

You need great light to direct attention to your subjects and help your photos appear natural. If you want to make great light with flashes, you need gels. Gels simply

Understanding White Balance & Video

When shooting video, it is important to achieve a white balancing setting that gives you the desired color temperature at the point of acquisition.  While you can apply filters or

Manually White-Balancing a Camera

If you’re shooting raw, you may have gotten a bit lazy with your white balance settings since they are so easy to fix in post. But if you’re shooting video

Setting a Custom White Balance

While White Balance presets and Auto White Balance can be quite useful, many choose to manually set the white balance on their cameras. This is a useful approach if you

Choosing the Right White Balance Preset

The White Balance setting on your camera is one of the most important choices to make. This control can be used to neutralize any color cast in an image and

Photographic White Balance

Guest Post & Photo by Stephan Bollinger Circle Stephan on Google+ I often get an empty stare when I talk to new photographers about white balance, so I thought, this

Getting Perfect White Balance with Food Photography

One of the most common challenges I have seen many new food photographers struggle with is getting proper white balance (colors) and also exposure (tones/brightness/contrast) in their food images. When