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Photographing New England Patriots Gronk

I caught up with my Photojournalist friend, Rick Friedman, at the New England Camera Council Conference. Rick showed me images he took of Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots

Photographer of the Day: Oleh Shkurlei

Category: Children Photograph: “Early bird and the night owl” by Oleh Shkurlei Beautiful candid shot showing love and emotion. The younger of the two is ready to get up and play but

Use Lightroom to post images to Instagram

The LR/Instagram plug-in is a great addition to your Lightroom Publishing Services.When you post an image from Lightroom to Instagram, the plug-in keeps the images in sync. If you modify

Photographer of the Day: Steven Clint Brookes

Category: Children Photograph: “Captivating” by Steven Clint Brookes Great use of window light and shadow play helps sets the mood for this photo. Gregory’s aperture choice, f/3.2, applied a shallow depth

How to Capture Starbursts and Sun Flares

A sun flare or starburst is an artistic photographic technique that can be achieved without any special post-processing or editing tricks. By controlling how light enters the camera, we can make some really compelling

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Children Photograph: “Best friends” by Tomas Salinka The park location was a good choice for the shot. It sets the mood, telling a story of a little girl having a

Photographer of the Day: David Battarbee

Category: Children Photograph: “A Very British Summer” by David Battarbee David did a great job capturing a moment in time of two close friends walking in the rain on a typical British summer

Create a Lightroom Reset Preset

The ease of one-click editing using presets –especially on a large project, is a real time saver. You start with one image and run through your favorite presets to see which

Solution: Photoshop 2015-5 Missing Plugins

Adobe’s flagship Photoshop received a full version update, which makes the current version, Photoshop CC 2015-5, packed with lots of great features and a performance boost. There’s a lot to

Photographer of the Day: Gregory Tran

Category: Children Photograph: “Youth” by Gregory Tran Gregory captured a beautiful candid shot of two youths sitting in a subway. He gives us an insight of what a typical day the two

Use Lightroom to Paint with Light

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest part of an image. Knowing this, we can guide our viewer to focus on key elements of our photograph. This can be

Photographer of the Day: Joel Stewart

Category: Children Photograph: “Close Cousins” by Joel Stewart Joel captured a beautiful candid shot showing the closeness of two little girls. His choice to shoot f/5.0 –and keeping the subjects on

Photographer of the Day: Berit Alits

Category: Children Photograph: “Mya” by Berit Alits By using a shallow depth of field and a slight downward point of view, Berit captures the innocence of the child. The post processing adds

Photographer of the Day: Michael Walker-Toye

Category: Children Photograph: “Best Friends Forever” by Michael Walker-Toye Michael’s choice to have the child right in the middle of a flock of pigeons dressed in a little bear outfit makes this an