Get Started With Photomatix

HDR photography is a gift of the digital age. To a one-time film photographer like me, it’s magic. I never imagined that one day I would be blending together bracketed images to

Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

Here are some tips to improve your travel photography, that have nothing to do with taking the actual photograph. Research where you are going and have a good idea of what you would like

5 Ways to Make Your Photoshop Life Easier

As much as Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool, as photographers our goal should be to spend as little time in Photoshop as possible. My motto is “Edit Faster/Shoot More”

Photographing Waterfalls and Cascades

There is no shortage of waterfalls and cascades in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So when the days were dull, foggy and rainy on my recent trip to the U.P we

Lightroom 2 Minute Tips from Nicolesy — Reviewed

Nicolesy’s new Two Minute Lightroom Tips, a comprehensive Lightroom training video series, is a fantastic option for teaching yourself Lightroom. If you’re looking to develop your skills or speed up

Using Shutter Speed Creatively To Blur Your Image

Using shutter speed to create a blur in your images is one of many tools in your photography toolbox. Here are some techniques to consider: 1.     Panning. When panning, as you press down the shutter

Photography Tips to Improve Your Images

I put together a list of tips to help beginners get better images when not using a flash or tripod. Tips to Improve Your Images 1.     Shoot either Shutter or

The Power of Keyboard Shortcuts

It seems that Photoshop Beginners are often told not to worry about learning keyboard shortcuts until “later” – that using shortcuts is more “advanced”. To some degree that’s true, but at the

Photographing St. Ives, Cornwall

Cornwall, at the southwest tip of England, is a photographer’s dream. A rugged land with cliffs molded by the sea and shadowed by stormy clouds, it glows in the light.

Walking Cornwall

Last summer I joined friends on a walking tour of the coastal cliffs of Cornwall, located at England’s southwestern tip. The undulating Cornish coastline is steep and rugged, with hidden