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Finding faces with Excire Foto
Star trails come alive with Plotagraph Pro
Setting up Excire Foto for photo analysis
What photography companies are doing to help in wake of the Coronavirus
Revisiting old images and applying new techniques to improve your portfolio
Installing and initializing Excire Search for Windows
Need one more gift? Check out these software deals
A quick look at the Lutify LUTs Previewer for video and photography
Why switch from Apple Photos to Adobe Lightroom?
JPEGmini Pro comes to Capture One 12
First impressions of a landscape photographer: Aurora HDR 2019 and single image adjustment
Quick Tip: Saturation vs. Vibrance

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JPEGmini Featured Image

JPEGmini Pro comes to Capture One 12

I’ve been a long time user of JPEGmini Pro, which helps shrink down JPEG file sizes to help save space and decrease website loading times while still retaining image quality. I’ve used it in my workflow with their Lightroom plug-in

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Quick Tip: Saturation vs. Vibrance

There are two sliders in Lightroom and most other post-processors that can be handy for adjusting the intensity of your colors. Think of saturation like ISO, but for color — it bumps up the intensity of all of the colors

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Portrait Tips: Know Your Software

Here’s a quick tip that will help you be more creative while shooting and manage details. You need to know your software tools at least as well as you know your camera and lights. This has been on my mind,

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How to Enhance Your Photos With Textures – Part 1: Adding Textures

In photography a texture image or “texturing” is used to enhance or accent some part of the image in your digital darkroom.  Although they can help you create eye-catching works of art, textures also can be very easy to overdo. In this article I’ll explain my process for adding textures to my photography, using Adobe Stock and Photoshop,  to create more impact, transform the mood of the image, or improve on the composition.

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Creating a dramatic black and white landscape

There are several ways you can use post-processing techniques to create dramatic black and white landscapes. Here’s what I did. Here is the original image, which isn’t a bad image to use to create a dramatic black and white landscape.

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mirrorless weight

Should you switch from a DSLR to mirrorless?

If you have been considering the switch from DSLR to mirrorless then listen up. Heck, watch this video. You see, it’s a myth that switching to mirrorless with save you enough weight to make a huge difference. Unless, of course, you

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Stop squeezing yourself into a box

As photographers, we often want to squeeze ourselves into a box. We want to know how to define ourselves so our clients understand what we do better. While this might be a good idea in some instances, for the most

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