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How to Use HDR for Nighttime Photography

Making pictures at nighttime can be challenging. Parts of a picture that are lit with street lamps or other lights are very bright compared to the darkness of the sky

How I Got the Shot : HDR Interior Architecture

HDR Programs, such as Photomatix, do most of the heavy lifting when developing HDR images, but you first need to create quality images using a few essential tools – tripod, cable release and a good lens.

How Many Images Should I Take for HDR?

Editor: Want to learn more about HDR? Check out this free online class. One of the most common question about HDR photography seems to be how many images should I

What can Photomatix do for you?

The Challenge of Dynamic Range My next house I did end up photographing was a small townhouse. I think those are extra challenging to photograph as you are working to

When to Use Exposure Fusion for HDR

In this tutorial, learn about the Exposure Fusion processing method in Photomatix Pro, a valuable feature for merging photos with multiple exposures together. This creates a wider dynamic range without

Add Finishing Touches to HDR Photos

Once you “finish” a photo in Photomatix Pro, you aren’t really done. The software offers a collection of useful adjustment to refine contrast and control color balance to really achieve

A Black-and-White Workflow with HDR

Black and white photography is all about contrast. Working with HDR is a great way to create compelling photos. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create the most

Dealing with Problem Areas in HDR Photos

As you work with HDR processing, it’s not uncommon to have an area of the image that frustrates you. Perhaps it’s an over-processed sky that’s just too dramatic. Or maybe

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