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Panasonic announces the Lumix GH5 II, development of GH6
Answering the question, which mirrorless camera should I buy?
Micro four-thirds the best selling mount in Japan for 2020
Panasonic unveils compact Lumix S5 full-frame camera
Why the micro four-thirds format is still solid
Which should you choose? A battle of the mid-range, full-frame mirrorless cameras
Olympus and Panasonic together for focus stacking
Panasonic Summilux 12mm f/1.4 will make you fall in love with photography again
The top lenses you need to consider for micro four-thirds
I switched to mirrorless due to the money. I stayed because of the quality and size.
The drop heard ’round the world, part two: The pick up
Battle of the ultra-wide micro four-thirds lenses: Panasonic vs. Olympus

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Panasonic unveils compact Lumix S5 full-frame camera

This morning, Panasonic announced its Lumix S5 full-frame mirrorless camera. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the S5 boasts a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and Venus Engine. The camera offers impressive specs for both stills and video, including UHD 4K60 with

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Early Black Friday savings from Panasonic Lumix

Cyber Monday Specials from B&H. Click here for the deals! Black Friday Specials from B&H. Click this link to go shopping! Panasonic has started to offer some amazing deals on its cameras, lenses and accessories. Below is just a sampling

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