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2019-08-04 On Photography Co Rentmeester

On Photography: Co Rentmeester, 1936-present

“For me, the single word that best sums him up as a photographer is ‘bold’ ” -Philip B. Kunhart, Jr., editor, Life magazine describing Co Rentmeester Jacobus “Co” Rentmeester was

On Photography: Ernest Haas, 1921-1986

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” – Ernst Haas Ernest Haas is considered

On Photography: The photographs of Neil Armstrong on the Moon, July 20, 1969 from Photofocus

On Photography: Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” -Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969 50 years ago, yesterday, human beings landed on another body in our solar system

The photography of Wynn Bullock in On Photography on Photofocus

On Photography: Wynn Bullock, 1902-1975

“Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.” -Wynn Bullock Wynn Bullock started out as a singer. He was a chorus member

On Photography: Philippe Halsman Jumpology

“When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.” -Philippe Halsman Sometimes,

On Photography: Bert Stern, 1929-2013

“There have been many beautiful women since Marilyn Monroe. But who is there that has her total magic? Nobody has that vulnerability anymore.” -Bert Stern Bert Stern has been called

On Photography: The work of Herb Ritts

On Photography: Herb Ritts, 1952-2002

“Sometimes people have trouble with the context of why a picture is taken. Whether you take it for Vogue or for the GAP or for yourself matters little to me.

On Photography: The photos of Robert Capa

On Photography: Robert Capa, 1913-1954

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” -Robert Capa Robert Capa is accepted as the greatest war photographer during the first half of the twentieth century. Capa

On Photography the work of Robert Mapplethorpe

On Photography: Robert Mapplethorpe, 1946-1989

“I went into photography because it seemed like the perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today’s existence.” -Robert Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe is one of my photographic heroes. His

On Photography: Photographs by Howard Schatz

On Photography: Howard Schatz, 1940-present

“Though the photo can seem simple in its beauty, almost lyrical by chance, a long list of important ingredients is necessary to achieve just the right result.” -Howard Schatz Howard

Yousuf Karsh Portraits featured in On Photography on Photofocus

On Photography: Yousuf Karsh, 1908-2002

“There is a brief moment when all there is in a man’s mind and soul and spirit is reflected through his eyes, his hands, his attitude. This is the moment

The photography of Horst P. Horst

On Photography: Horst P. Horst, 1906-1999

“I don’t think photography has anything remotely to do with the brain. It has to do with eye appeal.” -Horst P. Horst Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann was his given name.

On Photography, the photographs of Margaret Bourke-White

On Photography: Margaret Bourke-White, 1904-1971

“Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand.” – Margaret Bourke-White Margaret Bourke-White was a pioneering photojournalist who was the first to document Soviet