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Looking back at our Lightroom to Photoshop Round Trip Hangout
Lightroom Hangout: Mastering the Mobile Monster
Colin Smith & Gerard Murphy | Photofocus Podcast 7/5/14
Lightroom Mobile for iPad and iPhone
Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees (NSFW)
Nikon Shooters: How to Always Carry Your Camera Manual

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Lightroom Mobile for iPad and iPhone

Not long ago, Adobe released an app for the iPad. But with their most recent update to the Creative Cloud, Lightroom Mobile just got a whole lot better. Since the update, I have been playing with the apps on my

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Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees (NSFW)

Vertical Video. Unless you’re hanging a television set in portrait aspect ratio (think digital signage) there’s likely no reason to shoot this way. Video is a panoramic medium (embrace it). Apparently it bothers other people too. Perhaps we can all

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