Fearless Full Sun Shooting

Shooting in the full midday sun can present creative challenges to any photographer. The high position and brightness of the sun projects an even downward cast, leaving an exposure void

Photoshop Layer Masks: Using Channels

If your image has a strong area of color, then you can often build a selection using a channel. Learn how to use layer masks for a nondestructive way to

The Massive Power of Composites

I truly believe that the demand for composited images has only begun to emerge in our industry. From a purely conceptual standpoint, composites offer our clients the unprecedented ability to

Photoshop Layer Masks: Refine Mask

We last explored the properties panel as a useful way to modify masks, Adobe Photoshop offers an even better approach. Watch how to utilize the Refine Mask Command. Can’t see

Using Gradients to Create Blended Images

There are many ways to use layer masks to blend images together. Let me show you how to create layer masks using gradients in Adobe Photoshop. The technique is easy

Disabling Photoshop Layer Masks

Last week we looked at how to add a layer mask. But what happens if you change your mind? Learn how to disable a layer mask so you can print

Masking Layers with Brush Opacity

Guest post by As this is my first post with Photofocus, Id like to start off by thanking Scott for the opportunity to share some Photoshop tips and techniques with