Photo Face Off: iPhone 6 vs Android

iPhone Day! Yesterday, I woke up at 6AM morning to head over to the Apple Store at Pioneer Place in Portland, OR. It was “iPhone Day” after all and there

Which iPhone 6 Should a Photographer Buy?

If you’re like us… you’re staying up at night and worried. It’s time to make some hard decisions… ones that will have long lasting consequences. It’s time to decide which

Animated iPhone Wireframe in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I show you how to create an animated iPhone wireframe, using the various shape tools, and the animation features within Photoshop. |

Lightroom Mobile for iPad and iPhone

Not long ago, Adobe released an app for the iPad. But with their most recent update to the Creative Cloud, Lightroom Mobile just got a whole lot better. Since the

Great Photo Collages App (for 99¢)

I’m always on the lookout for affordable apps that do cool things. Well I’ve found another one, PicFrame that makes Photo Collages simple. The app sells for 99 and is

My HDR Smartphone Workflow

By A lot of photographers scoff at smartphone cameras. I on the other hand love having software and camera built into one with easy sharing. It lets me work when

Pro HDR for iPhone and iPod Touch

Why have HDR on an iPhone? Because you can! Sometimes an iPhone is the only camera I have on me, and I want the ability to go a little deeper.

Picture Show by Graf – Mini Review

Guest Post and Images by Stacy Pearsall Picture Show by Graf – Application for Your i-Phone On July 12, 2010, Graf created a great photography application, Picture Show. As soon

Can the iPhone be used by “Real” photographers?

NOTE: Guest post and images by I hear the angry lynch mob rallying together already. Their faces are getting red, they spew words like “megapixels”, “sharpness”, “depth of field”, “lens

First Look at the iPhone 3GS Camera

Photos and post by Andy Ihnatko EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see Andy’s entire iPhone 3GS Flickr set here. Apple let me have an iPhone 3G S a week and a

Collage Lite Review

Guest Post by Liana Lehua Collage Lite – Cost: $0.99 Developer: John Moffett Lite features: Up to 4 photos in a collage at a time. The full version of Collage