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Boondocking: My RAV 4 build to travel safely and photograph during COVID-19, part one
The top micro wedding trends
Photographing safely during COVID-19: A night photographer’s perspective
Platypod Twin Pack: A fresh opportunity
Why a global pandemic is the perfect time to buy a new camera
You might be struggling. But so are your clients.
InFocus Interview Show: Capturing chaos with Bryan Esler
Webinar: Join Jesse Dittmar to discuss photographing a TikTok star during COVID-19
Webinar: Photographing TikTok star Charli D’Amelio during COVID-19, with Jesse Dittmar
BREAKING: The show is still on — PHOTOPLUS gives update on 2020 show
Portraits with a hairstylist & makeup artist in the time of COVID-19
Challenge your photography skills while stuck at home

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Platypod Twin Pack Levi Sim

Platypod Twin Pack: A fresh opportunity

For the last several years, there’s always been at least one Platypod in my pack. I rarely carry a tripod for landscape and photowalks anymore, and I use a second Platypod to support my small lights for close-up work on

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P1011327-Photofocus Featured Image-2

Photographers: Stop making porch portraits

I love a good portrait, like the one above that I photographed several years ago. But despite that, it’s time to hit the pause button. It’s time to stop doing the trend which has become so popular among photographers as

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