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Where to Store Your Model Release Forms

Recently I wrote about how Digital model or property release forms have made it easy for photographers to always have a release handy. Now the next step is where to

Portrait Tip: Provide A Road Map

Have you ever gone on a little road trip or a hike with a friend and they didn’t tell you where you were going or how long it would take

Getting Taped Up

Here’s a great tip I got from watching some grips quickly change gels on some frames. In the past, when you removed an old gel or diffusion material you always

Cucoloris for Shadowed Texture

So often someone will take the time to light the talent to look great but forget to light the background and give the image some depth: One method is to

C-Stands 101

One of the most used tools on a Hollywood set, oh heck on any set, is the C-Stand. C in Roman numerals representing the numeral 100 is how the C-Stand

Photo of the Day: The Bump

Category: Commercial Photograph: “The Bump” by Dan Graham This sensitive black and white maternity portrait suggests uses for pre-natal care from seeing health care professional to pharmaceuticals. Originally shared with

Photo of the Day: 1225 Polar Express

Category: Commercial Photograph: “1225 Polar Express” by Thomas Nighswander. Originally shared with the Photofocus Google Plus community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the Photofocus,

No Sippy Cups here, just Baby Plates

Some of the most used tools on a Hollywood set are C-Stands and Apple Boxes. Then there are these little babies, Baby Plates. What is a Baby Plate you ask?

Scrim for Lighting Detail

Its a beautiful sunny day, you’re shooting indoors looking out to a sliding glass door or window and its brighter outside than on your set. Your talent is moving so

Photo of the Day: Clock Work Orange

Category: Commercial Photograph: “Clock Work Orange” by R. Tom Sizemore III The intricacies of clockworks remind the view of busy-ness, logistics, functionality & teamwork. The orange gear says warmth and

Shooting Personal Projects

A great way to challenge yourself and enhance your skills is to shoot some personal projects. Here is an opportunity to stretch your imagination. Building sets, buying props, coordinating wardrobe,

36 Hours in Pittsburgh | Tips for Packing Essential Gear

What started out as a quick 36-hour trip to Pittsburgh turned into a full-scale video production to help out a friend of mine with a shoot. Luckily for me I was traveling as a one-man band and because I’m flexible, I was able to gain a new client.

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