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Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Children Photograph: “Eimi music lover” by Tomas Salinka Props and background gives this photo character, but Tomas use of a spotlight is what adds drama to the image. Originally shared

Photographer of the Day: Rajagopalan Sarangapani

Category: Children Photograph: “Children” by Rajagopalan Sarangapani Vibrant colors draws you into this candid shot of a day in the life of these children. At first glance, it appears the children live

Photographer of the Day: Mary Ann DeSocio

Category: Children Photograph: “Girl begging” by Mary Ann DeSocio A low angle of view added to this emotional capture of a little girl begging. By getting low, Mary Ann enabled the

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Baliukonis

Category: Children Photograph: “Rain” by Tomas Baliukonis Tomas use of window light keeps the subject well lit without blowing out the background. The girls pose adds to the mood of the image.

Photographer of the Day: Shailendra Tawade

Category: Children Photograph: “Nakhra” by Shailendra Tawade A beautifully captured series showing a child being a child. You can’t help but smile when viewing the images. Originally shared with the Photofocus

Photographer of the Day: Oliver Ivory-Bray

Category: Children Photograph: “Untitled” by Oliver Ivory-Bray A low angle of view puts the viewer on the ground with the child. Using a telephoto lens helped compressed the image keeping the focus on

Photography activities for kids: Point of view

Exploring photography with your kids? This is my second in a series of posts offering ideas you can use to help your young photographer get comfortable with fundamental concepts. Last

Photographer of the Day: Jim Rosswog

Category: Children Photograph: “Mother and Child” by Jim Rosswog The absence of light draws the view into the photo. The mother’s interaction; a kiss, conveys a special bond between a mother

Photographer of the Day: Oleh Shkurlei

Category: Children Photograph: “Early bird and the night owl” by Oleh Shkurlei Beautiful candid shot showing love and emotion. The younger of the two is ready to get up and play but

Photographer of the Day: Steven Clint Brookes

Category: Children Photograph: “Captivating” by Steven Clint Brookes Great use of window light and shadow play helps sets the mood for this photo. Gregory’s aperture choice, f/3.2, applied a shallow depth

Photographer of the Day: David Battarbee

Category: Children Photograph: “A Very British Summer” by David Battarbee David did a great job capturing a moment in time of two close friends walking in the rain on a typical British summer

Photographer of the Day: Gregory Tran

Category: Children Photograph: “Youth” by Gregory Tran Gregory captured a beautiful candid shot of two youths sitting in a subway. He gives us an insight of what a typical day the two

Photographer of the Day: Joel Stewart

Category: Children Photograph: “Close Cousins” by Joel Stewart Joel captured a beautiful candid shot showing the closeness of two little girls. His choice to shoot f/5.0 –and keeping the subjects on

Photographer of the Day: Berit Alits

Category: Children Photograph: “Mya” by Berit Alits By using a shallow depth of field and a slight downward point of view, Berit captures the innocence of the child. The post processing adds

Photographer of the Day: Michael Walker-Toye

Category: Children Photograph: “Best Friends Forever” by Michael Walker-Toye Michael’s choice to have the child right in the middle of a flock of pigeons dressed in a little bear outfit makes this an

Photographer of the Day: Nasrullah Husami

Category: Children Photograph: “Curious” by Nasrullah Husami By using the other children as out of focus elements, Nasrullah is able to capture a shot where we are drawn to the curious child.

Photographer of the Day: Arvind Ramachander

Category: Children Photograph: “Reflection of innocence” by Arvind Ramachander Arvind uses a soft tint Black and White to show a timeless bond between two children. Their interaction with each other and smiles

Lens Review: Lensbaby Twist 60

This new Twist 60 lens from Lensbaby has my full attention right now. There are always new lenses boasting extreme sharpness or wide apertures or super telephoto, but Lensbaby steps aside

Photographer of the Day: Croitoru Daniel

Category: Children Photograph: “Just a Kid” by Croitoru Daniel Croitoru captured a great photo by using emotion and filling the frame. This directs our focus on the child just being a

Photographer of the Day: João Almeida

Category: Children Photograph: “Novice Monks” by João Almeida João capture takes us into the life of a young child studying to become a monk. His happy expression –lit by soft window

Photographer of the Day: Mark Krajnak

Category: Children Photograph: “Fill The Frame” by Mark Krajnak Children and bugs go hand in hand. Mark captured a beautiful moment between a child and a bug. His use of cross

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