Using aerial views in architectural photography

Aerial photography is definitely booming in recent years and you can use it to your advantage for your architectural photography. Aerial views can offer a new perspective and many clients

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “phylarmonie abstract” This highly abstract capture of a concert hall dares to viewer to deduce the actual structure, which does go contrary to what

Weekly Wrap-Up: January 13-19, 2019

The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we learned about beauty standards, creating a snow scene, using Lume Cubes with holiday lights, selling photography

Including people in architectural images

When photographing architecture, it’s easy to focus on the building itself and forget its purpose. While architecture is the main subject, it is important to capture how people are interacting

Photographer of the Day: BigPhilUK

Category: Architecture Photographer: BigPhilUK Photo: “Gherkins” While this is not what we “normally” consider an architectural photograph — meaning it’s not representing a building at the architect might have envisioned

Historic Downsville covered bridge in western New York

The great outdoors and Perfectly Clear Complete

Editor’s note: Here is a great offer from Perfectly Clear. The holy grail of post-processing digital images would be a true single-click option, minimizing futzing with sliders, testing this possibility vs.

Photographer of the Day: Leigh Garner

Category: Architecture Photographer: Leigh Garner Photo: “Chicago Juxtapositions” There are times when the construct and design of a building has a direct influence on the structures that surround it! In

Bridgeton Trusses

Photographer of the Day: mjhedge

Category: Architecture Photographer: mjhedge Photo: “Bridgeton Trusses” Architectural photography is not always about a building. In this case, it’s about the building structure of a bridge. The curved beams that

Photographer of the Day: jeff Clouet

Category: Architecture Photographer: jeff Clouet Photo: “Alone at the cité des sciences” This simple image is another great example of the imaginative use of shape and suggestion in architectural photography.

Interior design: Photographing high-end retail

Architectural photography is a larger genre than most people think. On the commercial side, the type of building or space matters a lot and some photographers are specialized in residential

Photographer of the Day: trevor.patt

Category: Architecture Photographer: trevor.patt Photo: “Qatar National Library, Doha” In this view of what is a rather amazing library, we see that this is no ordinary stack of books. From

Gear Guide: Architectural photography kit

To keep this series about architectural photography going, let’s talk a little about gear :-) Having the right gear can help you best more productive, faster and overall give a

How to NOT ruin real estate HDR’s

I recently bought a house, so I was looking at loads of real estate pictures. Most are simply informative pictures, and most are made with a smartphone. Real estate pictures

Photographer of the Day: Nic Taylor

Category: Architecture Photographer: Nic Taylor Photo: “One World Trade Center” At the site of the original NYC “World Trade Center” towers One and Two, is the Freedom Tower — an architectural

The Weekly Wrap-Up for December 2-8, 2018

Weekly Wrap-Up: December 2-8, 2018

The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This Wrap-Up has articles about opportunity, winter architecture, exploring your self, long exposures and writing. Enjoy!

Photographing architecture in winter

As a commercial architectural photographer, most of my clients want images shot in great weather conditions: Blue skies, maybe a few clouds, green grass, leaves on the trees, etc. Living

Photographer of the Day: Nianci Pan

Category: Architecture Photographer: Nianci Pan Photo: “Art Institute of Chicago DSC06621-Edit-Edit-Edit” Architectural imaging is so much about shape and form, and how these both affect us as humans! The elegant

Photographer of the Day: Tiberio Frascari

Category: Architecture Photographer: Tiberio Frascari Photo: “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano, Italy” Imagine a shopping mall designed in 1861, and completed in 1877! This one is replete with vaulted glass

Weekly Wrap-Up: November 18-24, 2018

Welcome to a brand new feature — the Weekly Wrap-Up — a compendium of some of the articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we got you ready for the

Photographer of the Day: Ringo Coene

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ringo Coene Photo: “Metro_line_6” One might normally think or architectural photography as being the province of buildings, and most of the time it is. But it’s really

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “abstract au Louvre” Abstractions in architecture show the art in building design. When a design is particularly organic and fluid, it connects our humanity