Photographer of the Day: Ria Trouw

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ria Trouw Photo: “Treppe von unten” This is such an elegant staircase abstract! What really makes the image a standout is the surprising organic deviation from the

Photographer of the Day: Cinzio Farinelli

Category: Architecture Photographer: cinzio Farinelli Photo: “S. Maria della Motta (Cumiana)” Careful camera positioning reveals the attention to symmetry in the design of this magnificent church. With the exception of

Photographer of the Day: Steve Stanger

Category: Architecture Photographer: Steve Stanger Photo: “Battlefield State Park Museum (Freehold NJ)” I would imagine that the architect of this wonderful museum was well aware that the historical pieces inside

Photographer of the Day: Baspherical

Category: Architecture Photographer: Baspherical Photo: “Düsseldorf Köbogen Architektur” This is an elegant and strong abstract; the very curved sweep of the structure exaggerated by the position of the camera. The

Photographer of the Day: David @ Rockets Photos

Category: Architecture Photographer: David @ Rockets Photos Photo: “Iglesia de la Anunciación viewed from Metrol Parasol Seville” The dramatic photo of this church is greatly enhanced by the incredible geometry

Photographer of the Day: Pamela Aminou

Category: Architecture Photographer: Pamela Aminou Photo: “Overture” At first glance, this might not even seem to be a photograph of just buildings at all. It almost appears that an organic

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ritxy Photo: “untitled” One of the interesting twists when taking night photos, particularly of man made structures, is that the architect or building owner can make a

Improve your architectural images with symmetry

Symmetry is pretty common in architecture. Many buildings have symmetrical features since it’s often the most efficient design. So, naturally, symmetry becomes an important tool when photographing architecture! You hear

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Category: Architecture Photographer: Christian Meermann Photo: “Gasometer (Re-Edit)” This is an otherworldly view of what might have been a very mundane industrial structure. The treatment of the tanks of this

How to get different moods for cityscapes

While you can definitely shoot great images in the middle of the day, the time of day is a key element of shooting cityscapes. My favorite time is around sunrise or

Photographer of the Day: cinzio Farinelli

Category: Architecture Photographer: cinzio Farinelli Photo: “porta susa” Perfect positioning, angular structure meeting sinuous lines and the interior roof bending to the wall all add up to a compelling portrait

Photographer of the Day: lorecrw

Category: Architecture Photographer: lorecrw Photo: “Staffarda Abbey” Besides my natural affinity for black and white work for form-based art, what’s exciting about this image is the very organized use of

Photographer of the Day: Davide Ibiza

Category: Architecture Photographer: Davide Ibiza Photo: “Forse piove!-vecchio borgo tratalias” This is the intersection of elegant structure and mood. While the detailed building is the star of the frame, the

Photographer of the Day: Pamela Aminou

Category: Architecture Photographer: Pamela Aminou Photo: “Coming Through” This presentation shows imagination! Yes, it’s two buildings joined together, but by rotating the image 90 degrees, our induced disequilibrium causes us

Photographer of the Day: Jovan J

Category: Architecture Photographer: Jovan J Photo: “Denver Art Museum” The black & white at night rendition of this very angular and striking building is enhanced by the additional building behind