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A Few of Adobe CC’s New Features

Adobe has just announced a bunch of new features for Creative Cloud…but I suspect some of you are still using CC. I think you should consider it again, and here’re

Learn What’s New in Creative Cloud

If you’re interested in Adobe software, be sure to catch today’s live keynote address. If you miss it, the event will be recorded. The new software is expected to

Blur Your Background Elements in Photoshop

In this tutorial, learn how to easily blur the background behind your transparent elements in Photoshop. This is perfect when designing website mockups! [youtube=] Disclaimer: This is just one way

Upsizing a Photo for Print

One of the newest upgrades in Photoshop CC was the upgrade to make an image larger without loosing detail. In the past when you would re size an image you

Colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop

Take a ‘boring’ black and white photo, and give it some color in Photoshop! This tutorial covers selection methods, Adjustment Layers, and Layer Masks, all of which will help you

Working with Layer Masks

When you are first learning Photoshop, layer masks can seem overwhelming and confusing. It’s ok, photoshop itself can be overwhelming and confusing. I promise, once you understand the basics of

Fearless Full Sun Shooting

Shooting in the full midday sun can present creative challenges to any photographer. The high position and brightness of the sun projects an even downward cast, leaving an exposure void

Adding Clarity to Photos

In the Camera Raw dialog you’ll find clarity. This is selective contrast, adding it to the areas that need it most. The same adjustment slider is also in Lightroom. Double-click

Playing with the Painter Tool

An often overlooked feature of the Library Modules Grid view is the Painter Tool. Do you see that little spray paint icon in the Grid view Toolbar? If you don’t

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