If you haven’t already heard about Excire Foto, be ready to be amazed by this clever software. Here are three reasons to love Excire Foto, which you can get as a part of 5DayDeal!

Excire Foto
A very simple keyword search example with a selective/dominant color.

Reason 1: It’s stupid simple

Not many photography software applications are a breeze to use at first. Good news for all of us (aka non-geek photographers) — Excire Foto is VERY intuitive and user friendly. You’ll know what I mean when you’ll launch it for the first time; everything is self-explanatory.

The software finds pictures by keywords, face recognition, people and even similar photos. It’s smart by itself … so you (and I) don’t need to be!

Excire Foto search example
I’ve been able to find all the colorless images in my library in less than two seconds.

Reason 2: Big time saver

Searches are VERY FAST. Forget the time you had to go through half a thousand folders to find THE picture you were looking for (God knows I’ve done it too many times … ).

Once your photos are all imported, all that’s left to do is to launch a search. Excire Foto will automatically look and find everything relevant. It even works when the previously imported folders of your external hard drive(s) are not connected to the computer!

Bank pink pig
You don’t have to break the bank! (Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash)

Reason 3: It’s cheap!

The third reason to love Excire Foto is that nowadays, software are often offered through monthly subscriptions. This one is a one-time purchase app. No strings attached, no recurring bills — it’s all just $59.

But wait, there’s something more…

If you invest an extra $30 for the 5DayDeal, you’ll get the complete Excire Foto software *PLUS* a ton of educational content: Videos, tutorials, classes, workshops, bundles, ebooks, photography and editing tips and so many more bonuses. All of it is worth over $2700!

Get started and get your 5DayDeal bundle today, with Excire Foto! Hurry, offer ends October 20, 2020.