A few years back, a company called Macphun (which has evolved into Skylum) released a very popular application called Tonality. It offered a complete workflow for black and white and color-toned photographs.

< One of the things that made Tonality so popular was its incredible monochrome presets.  But this app is Mac-only.  It also doesn't have as many controls as Luminar for adjusting raw photos or enhancing details. Plus Tonality is a legacy product, which means no more updates.\

The perfect solution

It turns out that Luminar has every single control that Tonality has with the exception of Photo Borders.  A few of the filters are a little bit different, and Luminar offers a lot more options. Fortunately, Luminar also offers Workspaces, which make it easy to customize the user interface. It’s possible to make Luminar feel a lot more like Tonality with a simple workspace makeover.

If you’re a Luminar user, you can pick up the recreated presets here. You can now enjoy over 170 authentic monochrome styles inside Luminar.

The new Tonality pack for Luminar isn’t just about traditional black and white looks. It also brings different monochrome styles with vintage textures and overlays. Plus a dedicated Workspace to make your photo editing workflow even better.

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Save on Luminar + Tonality presets

We have a special offer for Photofocus readers. You can get Luminar (normally $69 US) plus the Tonality presets for only $49.

  • Luminar standalone application
  • 171 Tonality presets
  • Tonality Workspace for Luminar
  • Tonality Textures for Luminar
  • Luminar Photoshop plugin
  • Luminar Lightroom Classic plugin
  • Luminar Aperture plugin
  • Luminar Photos for Mac Extension

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