The beauty of the printed image, especially when using a frame and print solution system like Xpozer, is hard to beat for any photographer. Not only was it quick and easy, but they are also truly stunningly beautiful. I wrote a post recently about just how quick and easy it was to order my prints from Xpozer.

Super quick

Within minutes of uploading my images, I received an email with my order confirmation. A few hours later I received an email stating my order was complete. A mere five days later they were delivered. I am based in Australia and we are used to sometimes having to wait for things to be delivered, so to get something from the Netherlands in less than a week was impressive.

The boxes were hardy and durable, and look like they could take a beating without damaging the contents.

Easy to assemble

Straight off the bat, the instructions were NOT in English. However, there were diagrams and of course the little video on their website if you get stuck.

The first frame took a couple of minutes, the second even quicker. The images come wrapped nice and secure with a plastic removable sheet, so you can lay them on a flat surface to work on without fear of damaging them. The tabs for the frame to slot into were already attached to the back of the images and ready to go. All we had to do was attach the frame. This clever system is self-tensioning and quick and easy to remove too, so changing to fresh images is a snap.

On the wall

The frames come with a mounting bracket (seen in the last image), which can be screwed into the wall. We have a picture rail and added some picture wire to the supplied clips and hung then within minutes. The hardest part was making sure they were evenly spaced on the wall! Being lightweight meant hanging them was a breeze.

I simply adore the old car; I just love how the images came out and look on the wall.