What kind of photographs can you create with an iPhone, a Sharpie and random every day objects? It’s artists like this one that prove that endless amounts of expensive, top of the line equipment are not always needed to be creative. Meet 18-year-old student and photographer, Steven Crosby.

Currently in Graphic Design at California Baptist University, Steven has always felt the need to be creative. His parents allowed Steven to have the freedom in being creative by supplying him with numerous resources as a child. Whether it was Legos, Origami or drawing materials, he has enjoyed making art from a very young age. These creative processes turned into a passion of researching areas of graphic design and soon discovering a love for a very different and unique type of photography.

“Although I tend to like all areas of design, I never tried photography, it wasn’t as hands on like all of my other projects. My friend got me into photography including nature or portraits during my first year of college. I enjoyed it but didn’t like how it was unoriginal. I considered a sunset a photo that anyone could take if they were in the right place. My goal was to start a style that hadn’t been done by anyone before and use Instagram as the platform. I only saw my work as a hobby.”

Whale Dispenser

“I wanted to challenge myself creatively so I created a set of rules that I would apply to each photo.

  1. Find fun.
  2. Simple is best.
  3. The background is pure white.
  4. The object being photographed could not go outside the border. (I wanted my gallery to look like a collection of objects on one background, like one big scrollable photo.)
  5. The only details I added to the object would be in black sharpie.
  6. I try to use everyday objects. I would consider an action figure not simple.”

Steven’s Gear:

“I use an iPhone 4, printer paper for the background and a black sharpie.”

“I have found that humor can be powerful when used just right so I make it my goal to include it in every photo. Sometimes I look around and can’t ‘find’ an object to turn into something new. Other times the idea pops into my head when I glance at it. Sometimes the joke/play on words/pun is very evident. Other times I just think the idea behind the creation is funny. For instance, my picture of the pizza cutter dinosaur (Pie Dino) is one of my off-beat pictures. To me the thought of a dinosaur pizza cutter terrorizing a pizza by walking around and cutting it with its tail made me laugh. I like giving my followers freedom to find the humor in my photos using their own imagination.”

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