Our curators, categories & days

  • Rod Harlan curates Weddings every Sunday
  • Brian Smith curates Portraits every Monday
  • Kevin Ames curates Fashion every Tuesday
  • Doug Daulton curates Nature every Wednesday
  • Nick Minore curates Sports every Thursday
  • Robert Vanelli curates Kids every Friday
  • Marco Larousse curates Street every Saturday

Our curators are working professional photographers. They are also Photofocus authors and contributors whose articles you’ve been reading here on Photofocus. Each of their posts features commentary about the photograph, links to it and to the photographer as well as a link back to this article so you can always refer to it.

Submit your photos

Our curators select these great image makers by reviewing their photos posted in the Photofocus communities on Flickr, Google Plus and 500px. Upload your work that fits in our seven categories for consideration to those Photofocus groups by clicking one of the links. That’s all there is to being considered to become the Photofocus Photographer of the Day.

Photographer of the Day

Photography is the universal language. Everyone, anywhere, understands the smile of a child at play, the joy of the couple at their wedding, the wonder of nature, the thrill of sports, the power of a portrait and the pull of the a street photographs. We want to share the work of photographers who speak this language eloquently with our readers.