MikeCorrado HS 1CHe’s a photographer, an educator and one of the most kind and passionate individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with. Not only does he represent a rather popular camera company, he also has an incredible eye for portraits and photography of all kind. Meet the Manager of Nikon Professional Services and New York based photographer, Mike Corrado.

Mike has been a photographer and visual artist for over 35 years and has recently celebrated his 29th anniversary with Nikon USA. As the Manager of Nikon Professional Services- Pro Relations and Product Marketing, Mikes extensive career has included time as a Nikon School instructor, Pro Markets Technical Representative and Sr. Product Manager for digital SLR cameras. Mike has had the great fortune of training, working with and shooting for some of the worlds greatest photographers including astronauts from NASA, while contributing his own still images and video capture globally within Nikon for product promotion, educational materials, product brochures and Nikons USA web site. Several education DVDs that Mike has produced have won top industry honors while A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting reached record sales within weeks of hitting the market and remains Nikons greatest selling DVD of all time. Needless to say, my friend knows his stuff and his work is a unique combination of beautiful imagery.

Besides being a contributing writer and photographer for Nikon World Magazine, photographing Super Bowls, World Series, Indy 500 races, and the New York Mets, Mike is working on his rock and roll portfolio Rock Works as a house photographer where he has had access to shooting several thousand shows and popular bands. The Police, Aerosmith, the Dave Matthews Band, Carlos Santana, Sting, Nickelback, Shinedown and KISS are just a few to name. Mikes latest personal project, Drumer Love, takes on the challenge of capturing dynamic images of the toughest member of any band to shoot, the drummer. His unique remote camera setups on the drum kits of some of the worlds most famous drummers.

Mikes Favorite Gear

“I LOVE fast, high speed cameras that perform well in extremely low light so the Nikon D4S is it for me at this point and time. I love simple, high quality solutions so cameras like the pocket-sized COOLPIX A are perfect as my walk-around camera. I obsess over focal length and in my world the longer the telephoto the better but my sweet spot is a 600mm f/4 NIKKOR combined with a 2X Teleconverter.”

Mikes Advice to Emerging Photographers

“My advice to emerging photographers is to dig in and learn the craft. Nail down the fundamentals and study the quality of light and exposure. Photograph the things you love and bring that passion to your work. Most important, look for three key ingredients in every photography you take IMPACT, ENERGY and EMOTION.”

Addicted. Blessed. Lucky. I am completely connected with seeing and capturing photographs and unique moments every single day. Im excited to be a part of this business, working for one of the greatest technological leaders in photography today and working with the best shooters on this amazing planet. Im even luckier to be able to give back by teaching, mentoring and shooting for some remarkable charities. Im enamored with light, watching it, studying it as its moving and changing constantly. Recognizing the power, natural beauty and quality of light is one of the first steps towards becoming a more accomplished photographer. The next step is to learn how to make stunning light when it doesn’t exist. It is critical that photographers learn the craft and realize that the learning process never ends. Thats the coolest part!

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