Holly Parker’s infectious laugh and glowing smile made her an instant success as a model, but those same qualities have helped her escalate her career on the other side of the lens. She is not the first nor the last model to turn photographer, and that’s due to the valuable experience of knowing what it’s like to be directed and how to be spoken to. “I started as a model and have worked as a model for the past 7 years. I have a creative yet technical eye, and even when modeling I would see the world in a cinematic light. I always felt that I would become a photographer one day. Last fall/winter I was on a modeling placement in Cape Town, South Africa and my boyfriend came out to visit me for my birthday and brought me a 5D, so I’ve been shooting for 7 months now.”

In only 7 months, Holly has proven her worth. “I shoot a mix of swimwear, lifestyle, and advertising type fashion. My goal is for my work to go somewhere, whether its an ad or the branding images for a company. I enjoy shooting stylised catalogs and making them clean, beautiful, and not boring. I also work with many agencies on developing models.” The quality of her images has jumped by leaps and bounds, and her recent work is nothing short of stunning fashion photography. She just “gets it.”

“Light inspires me- perfection in a beautiful and real way. I like to make people look their best. I like the connection and relationship between people when I work with them. I want to be that gateway that opens doors for clients and models and creates this amazing future for them through photos. Its rewarding to me.”

Holly’s describes her own work as “kinda-educated rule breaking. Its having the technical parts in my subconscious at all times, and allowing my conscious to explore my creativity, making it beautiful and alive. My work has a natural and/or organic feel, while using my industry knowledge to market them in the direction they want to be.

“I want my mom and dad to see me on the cover of Vogue. I want to shoot for Victoria’s Secret and Yves St Laurent. There’s a whole fashion side to my work that lives in my head and is waiting to come out. In the seven months I’ve been a photographer, I’ve lived in Cape Town, Los Angeles, and San Diego. They’re are all beach cities so I’ve been living and shooting the styles in those markets. I really like the beach-y swim vibe. As I’m typing this I’m almost to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a road trip to Miami and am really looking forward to shooting swimwear while I’m there. New York is on the discussion table for after Miami, and I would explore more fashion work while in that market.”

Hollys Favorite Gear

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 50mm f/1.4

Phase One IQ250

Profoto D1

Hollys Advice to Emerging Photographers

“Don’t be afraid to take risks.”

“Research where you want to be – educating yourself on the market will expand your horizons.”

“Life is too short to stress about things. Go on more road trips or see the world.”

Be sure to check out Holly’s portfolio and follow her on Instagram (her Instagram is pretty awesome).