Scott’s book is an awesome dose of inspiration for photographers. Spring is a great time of year to renew and recharge. Why don’t you pick up a copy today? To make it a no-brainer, we’ve temporarily lowered the price to 99 (or local equivalent) for the next two weeks (sale ends May 10).

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Scott spent 40 years as a photographer and has crafted several inspirational essays to help photographers find their spirit.

I have been learning the lessons I share in this book for 40 years. It took me a long time, a bunch of mistakes and tons of failed starts and stops to get to the point where I finally feel like a successful photographer. My simple goal in gathering these essays is to give you a chance to learn from my mistakes; to encourage you; and to let you know it is possible to follow your dreams and find the success you are looking for. What this book won’t do for you is tell you which camera, lens or tripod to buy. It won’t teach you which shutter speed, ISO or aperture to use. What it will do is help you with the hard part of photography. It helps you work out the thoughtful side of the art form. I have been and am honored to have great friends and compatriots in photography support me in my photographic endeavors. I want to give some of that back to you.

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