If you want to feel joy, feel alive and see images that exude some real emotion, you will love the work of Chris Lambeth. “I really like the bright, happy, colorful looks. I just like seeing people happy and I like to capture that!” Though that is what Chris tends to shoot a lot of, he does also shoot some rather compelling fashion. His work in studio is just as full of emotion as his work in the sun. “I love shooting fashion, mostly because that is where you can really get creative. Planning a shoot, figuring out lighting, wardrobe, set, etc. is fun in my book. The best part about that though is when you shoot it, seeing something you only imagined come to life. It’s extremely satisfying.”

Chris has only been at the photography game for 5 years, but in that time he’s grown from a small-town photographer to shooting all over the country. “My brother had an old Nikon DSLR that I used to play around with. Never did anything cool with it, but I like messing with anything he owned really. I than wanted to try and see what I could do and so I went to a nightclub where I was DJ-ing at the time and asked if I could try and do some of their club photos. They agreed and so I borrowed my buddies camera, shot there for a couple weeks and loved it.”

Chris ended up buying his own Canon T2i and shot more in his area for the next two years. “I started getting tired of the nightclub scene (dealing with drunk people all the time when I was sober), so I wanted to try out portrait photography. I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to do a shoot, she agreed and the rest was history.

Chris thrives in the natural light. His shoots, sometimes filled with a speedlight and other times living off the natural glow of the sun, simply grab you in a way that only the best portraiture can. “I think of it as art. I don’t like to think of photography as work since I enjoy it. I’ll never enjoy “work” as I hate the 9-5 job and working for someone. So when I go out to shoot, I set out to make art.”

Chriss Favorite Gear

5D Mark III

Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

Sigma 85mm f/1.4

Alien Bees Strobes

Beauty Dish

Chriss Advice to Emerging Photographers

“Always keep pushing forward. Don’t just sit there and wait for clients to come to you. Go out, market yourself, search for clients.”

“Put together a portfolio, folder, or something to bring into companies with you. Just hand things out, be friendly and make sure you are as reliable as possible. Bad news travels faster than good.”

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