Photos of jewelry that makes you want to buy, subtle imagery of high tech devices in every day life, the perfect shot of food that makes your mouth water… who takes those images? If you’re in New York, odds are you’ve seen some of Avrohom’s work even if you didn’t know it. “I’m a commercial photographer who shoots products, jewelry, food, headshots, some fashion, portraits, and more. After gaining some experience in different areas of photography, I decided to focus exclusively on the commercial side of the business. There is a string of sushi places across brooklyn that display my photos of their rolls in large prints. In each of these locations the most popular rolls are the ones hanging on the wall! Getting a call from a client telling me how my photos have directly influenced their sales is amazing, mission accomplished! This is what I like doing, helping my clients business directly with my photography.”

So how did Avrohom get his start? You have to go quite a ways back in his history to answer that question. “When I was in 10th grade me and a friend took a image back to back wearing leather jackets. Having a brother who was a photographer gave me access to Photoshop and I began to play with the image. That was the first of many images I would manipulate for fun. Through a 3-year failed attempt at graphic design I continued to manipulate images of my friends learning new Photoshop techniques as I went along. At some point I figured out that I did not like anything about design and it was time to move on but I still wanted to do something with photos, so photography was the next obvious step. Over the next 2 years I began to pull every library book on the subject of photography out and reading at every free moment. After 2 years of reading, I picked up a Canon 10D and got a job taking photos for a camp website. At some point a friend of a friend asked me to take photos of chairs, and I’ve never looked back!”

“I’m often asked how I can sit in my studio all day taking photos of boring inanimate objects. Product photography can be difficult at times, and certainly can test your patience. As someone who is a bit technical I do enjoy the challenge of lighting some difficult products, but what I really enjoy is stylised product work and shooting people. Where it becomes ‘art’ in my opinion is when you use (or create) an environment to set the feeling and branding around an image.

“I do a lot of simple e-commerce and catalogue photos, its fun and pays the bills but is nothing like working with a team of talented stylists to create lifestyle images! In my free time I enjoy having friends over for fun portraits and lighting tests. In the future I hope to incorporate my portrait experience into my business with more fashion, lookbooks, lifestyle images with models etc.”

Avrohoms Favorite Gear

Canon 5D MKIII
Primary product lens – Canon 100mm macro f/2.8
Portrait lens – Canon 85mm f/1.8
Overhead shots and portraits – Canon 50mm f/1.4
Walk around and best friend – Sigma 35mm Art

Flash units – Alien Bees 800 & 1600s + various speedlights.
Light modifiers – softboxes, strip lights, Wescott parabolic umbrella and lots of scrims for gradients.
Triggers – RadioPopper JRX for remote power control.

Avrohoms Advice to Emerging Photographers

“My advice to anyone starting out would be to try everything. When I started out I was convinced I was going to make millions shooting events and and family portraits, now I won’t touch that work with a 10 ft pole. I never would have guessed I would be spending my days shaping light around chocolate bars (and making considerably less than millions). You never know what sort of hidden jem you have inside of you, for all you know you’re potentially the world’s greatest macro photographer! I genuinely enjoy the work I do and sometimes I look at my invoices amazed people pay me to do this work! Learn light. No matter what type of photography you’re into, lighting is key. (Lighting deserves as much of your time as learning your camera and Photoshop!) ”

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