To celebrate the Fourth of July, photography educator Joel Grimes is putting 30 of his courses and products on sale, for just $9 each!

These “Start to Finish” courses take you through each step of how to photograph specific shoots, showing you the real workflow so you can apply it to your own photography. Included in the sale is:

  • Strobing a Harley: Joel walks you through creating an ad campaign quality image with just one light and a remote trigger.
  • Textured Background: Learn how to make multiple textures and combine them into your own custom final masterpiece.
  • Rembrandt Cross Light: Learn how to use the Classic Cross, or sometimes referred to as Rembrandt Cross Light.
  • Beauty Headshot: Learn how to manipulate the skin tones like a pro using advanced skin retouching techniques, blending modes, adjustment layers and more.
  • Jessica in Iceland: Capture a beautiful landscape and create a composite with it.
  • Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer: This quick tips eBook is meant to inspire photographers to live their dream and create an income with a camera.

Also on sale are select Photoshop Brushes and Textures.

Check out this limited-time sale today!