You may have noticed by now that we’ve made some exciting changes to the design of This comes after a tedious five-month process where we worked to determine how to make finding your favorite stories easier, and have them appear more visually, than ever before.

While we’re continuing to iron out some kinks on the site, there are several changes and additions that you can take advantage of. To start, let’s talk about the homepage.

Right at the top you’re greeted with five featured stories. These might not show all the recent stories, but rather you’ll see stories that we think our audience will love. You’ll be able to see the title and author, but also a brief excerpt to the story. You can go back and forth between stories using the dot navigation at the bottom of each image (or if you’re on a tablet or phone, using the two arrows).

Below that, you’ll see a section called The Latest. This presents all of our recent stories on Photofocus, and additionally lets you filter into a few select categories. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, definitely check out this section.

As you continue to scroll down the homepage, it should look pretty familiar. You’ll see sections divided up into categories, presenting the most recent three articles for that category. You’ll also see our five latest Quick Tips shown in the sidebar.

Underneath our email sign-up area, you’ll also see a brand-new Photographer of the Day feature. You’ll be able to see our latest five featured photographs, but also use the arrows at the top of the section to see past POTD selections.

Stay tuned throughout this week to discover more to love about the new! And if you have any comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.