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Photographer of the day: thorpelyon

Category: Street. Photograph: “On The Run” by thorpelyon (username “thorpelyon” on Flickr). Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here. Why I picked this image:  I enjoy street photos with subtle humor

Northern Michigan, A Best Kept Secret

I just returned from the North Woods–the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.  My visit focused on Hiawatha National Forest and  Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The Lakeshore has been

Walking Cornwall

Last summer I joined friends on a walking tour of the coastal cliffs of Cornwall, located at England’s southwestern tip. The undulating Cornish coastline is steep and rugged, with hidden

36 Hours in Pittsburgh | Tips for Packing Essential Gear

What started out as a quick 36-hour trip to Pittsburgh turned into a full-scale video production to help out a friend of mine with a shoot. Luckily for me I was traveling as a one-man band and because I’m flexible, I was able to gain a new client.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

A lot of us are just coming out of the fog of Christmas photography rush orders and holiday shipping deadlines for photo products. We finally have time to breathe, and

Photo Walk Like a Boss

Today is Scott Kelbys 8th Annual Photo Walk and with almost 1,000 walks scheduled around the world, its your best chance to get out and photo walk like a boss.

Are you Comfortable when Shooting?

Getting better photos can be as easy as getting comfortable when you’re shooting. Here are a few simple tips for street photography that can be applied to any style of photography.

Understand Smart Previews in Lightroom

Adobe made a huge change when Lightroom 5 launched with Smart Previews. Smart Previews are a feature that I’ve been using since I installed Lightroom 5, but based off the

The Photofocus Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a photographer in your family, or if your significant other is a photographer then in many ways, you have it made when it comes to holiday gifts.

Hello Hero 4

Say Hello To Your New Hero, from GoPro

We have a new GoPro. In fact, we have three. Like many of you, I have been waiting for these new action cameras to drop. Now that they have, let’s take a look at what each offers, where it might fit in in your kit and what the new entries might signal about the future of the line.