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Photography Projects – Expectation vs Reality

As anyone who’s been to WPPI can tell you, it’s pretty insane. Between the Classes, Expo Booths, Parties, Socials, After Parties, Dinners, and well…everything else that Las Vegas can throw

Photographers: Success at bridal shows

Bridal Shows. Most photographers love to hate them. They’re tedious. They’re expensive. They waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon that you could be spending with your family or shooting a

Fly Safe with Your Quadcopter

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “fly safely.” This post is about flying drones safely and what to do when things go awry. It is a story that happened

My Dirty (Photography) Secrets

Feature image is dav.d photography Transparency with my business and teachings is very important to me. Granted, I don’t need to disclose everything, but I like to show that I

Self Assessing Your Photography Business

Guest post by John Van Steenburg In my last post we discussed “Knowledge + Action = Profit” and now lets look at four key areas of every business and see

Eric Paré | Photographer of the Week

Eric Par saw a medium and turned it on its head: light painting. Par’s portraiture is made truly original through the inventive use of light painting and bullet time. His

Film Noir Portraits ~ Pictures and techniques

Just for fun… In my last post I showed my Hollywood portrait lighting style using just hard light from fresnel spotlights. The post before that featured two point lighting on

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