Photofocus would like to welcome Datacolor as a partner to our site.  They may a great lineup of tools to help you ensure accurate color on your monitor and when printing.  They have a special promotion

Datacolor is offering a great promotion for July and August only that lets you switch from any brand calibrator to their top of the line Spyder5ELITE+.  Whether you’re using an older calibrator of theirs or anyone else’s you can upgrade and save.

What’s in the Bundle

The special upgrade includes

  • Spyder5ELITE — Expert color accuracy delivers the most precise and comprehensive calibration, including projector and video displays.
  • Spyder5ELITE+ Software Features — Spyder5ELITE+ builds on the original award winning Spyder5 software by adding new unique features for further confidence in your digital color workflow. With new features including soft-proofing and automatic room light switching.
  • Adobe CC Photography Plan – 90 Day Membership — If you’re already a customer, this can extend your membership for a quarter too.

The total value of the bundle is $308, but you’ll save $169.

Your cost is $139 USD.

Just type in the hardware serial number from your old device for verification in order to redeem your discount. It‘s as simple as that! • Promotion Valid July 17 – September 30, 2017.  The offer is valid in US & Europe.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Newer Calibrator

We’ve got some great new tutorials in the works, but in the mean time, here are 5 reasons to step up to the Spyder5ELITE+ bundle.

1. Bright displays cause dark prints
See if the brightness of your monitor is ok. If you see all three digits at first glance, then the display brightness is too high. This leads to print outs that are too dark due to the contrast range and brightness of the print out being far lower than that of a display in default settings. The Spyder5ELITE+ will solve this problem.



2. Highly durable sensor with Encapsulated Optics and Integrated Lens Cap
First choice for traveling and calibration of laptops on location in changing light conditions. The sensor is highly protected and sealed. Combined with the sensor lens cap, this makes the Spyder5ELITE+ the best protected colorimeter on the market.



3. Match Multiple Displays with the Industry leading method
Verify more precise monitor matching with StudioMatch and take the guess work out of making all your connected displays look the same – including a new visual verification step that assists you by fine tuning your results.




4. Spyder5ELITE+ adjusts as your room light changes
Ensure your viewing and editing of work on-screen is correct with automatic switching of your monitor profile as your room light conditions change. This takes the current ambient light monitoring ability to the next level without any user action required.




5. Full screen Before/After function using your own images
Our sophisticated and unique Before/After



Check out the special upgrade.