MGobbleProfileShe was shaped by the Southern Oregon Coast and currently resides in St. Louis, MO. She claims that she is just beginning to discover her voice through imagery. But in actuality, I’ve followed her work for a while and have seen her portfolio that impressively and consistently presents the fine art beauty of nature. Meet fine art photographer, Maryanne Gobble.

Her work posesses a fantastic fusion of man and nature. She captures beautiful imagery that a landscape photographer does and adds a specific touch of human in her composition. I applaud her vision and composition in her photographs. Plus, I’m an absolute sucker for her black and white tones.


Maryanne’s favorite gear:

“I love outdoor adventures so my favorite gear starts with a photo backpack. Inside goes my Canon 350D and a 17-50mm lens. Then a polarizer, neutral density filter, wireless shutter release, and tripod. After the boring stuff I start filling in the gaps with extra clothes and a bunch of food. It’s a lot like camping. But only for a few hours.”

Maryanne’s advice for emerging photographers:

“Embrace your limitations. Some of mine have been lack of gear, finances, and finding time apart from my family. Without these limitations I would be shooting predictable portraits with fluffy bokeh backgrounds and bored out of my mind. I love this quote by Jonah Lehrer ‘…the imagination is unleashed by constraints. You break out of the box by stepping into shackles.’ If you are short on limitations then make some. I’m a big fan of personal projects. Pick a word, a shape, a time of day, an f-stop… anything. Something that has boundries for you to crash around in.”

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