1Never before have I thought that a house fly could be so beautiful or that a spider’s fur had a soft side. This photographer’s macro photography of everyday bugs has wowed the industry with his unique coloring and face to face perspective of little critters. What we consider pests, he considers models. By simply stepping out into his backyard, this artist has utilized mother nature’s creepy crawly creatures as his muse. And even though his models give me the shivers, I am absolutely in love with these artistic compositions. Meet the ever-talented and incredibly unique photographer, Dusan Beno.

A student of Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Dusan has been shooting and specializing in macro for over 7 years. With his photos featuring the common types of insects that are literally all around us, Dusan explains his love of the details and his overwhelming sense of being charmed from his subjects. His “models'” bright colors and intricate details are captured utilizing the medium of macro photography and specific gear that can get him up close and personal.

Dusan’s favorite gear:

“I use the Canon MP-E a lot, I think it is the best universal lens for macro shooting with magnification over 1:1”

Dusan’s advice:

“Every beginner should first decide if he will go the way of taking pictures in micro or macro. Lot of photographers these days decided for micro with high magnification. The problem is – they make a lot of mistakes. They don’t care about good lighting, background, colors or composition.

My advice is, first you have to manage smaller magnification (macro), and then work on the things I mentioned before (light, composition etc.) and improve it. It takes lot of time and patience, but if you keep it up, you will get great results!”

Be sure to follow Dusan on 500px and see more of his website portfolio here. You might just fall in love with a spider or two.