profielfoto_1000pxHe’s a gifted conceptual photographer and a father that beautifully and creatively integrates both of those aspects of his life into his photography concepts. His art is imaginative and his photographs tell stories while his own son stars in the artistic ideas he creates. I am proud to introduce you to the talented Netherlands-based conceptual photographer, Adrian Sommeling.

By utilizing unique post processing techniques combined with layers of composites, Adrian has found a very creative style of visual storytelling. With a processing style that is cinematic in method, you can’t help but stare at his portfolio and marvel at the fun and creative work that has many (including myself) applauding and adoring his creativity.

“Creating your own style, I think, is essential for every artist/photographer. You want your images to be recognized before your audience even read the name of the artist. Too many photographers are doing the same thing and if you put their work together it could be shot by one and the same photographer. You shouldn’t want that as a photographer. You should try to be different, but… keep it close to your heart.”

“Keeping it close to your heart is something that I found out the last few years. When I was young I was not a photographer, but always painted with oil on canvas. I was always on the search for a style that fitted me, but couldn’t find it. Now I think the reason for that was that I was still too young. When getting older, you start knowing yourself a bit better. You know what kind of person you are and that is important for your style. For example, I am almost always feeling happy. I am not a depressed person, so my images reflect my personality by the feel good mood. If you are a cynical person, you should make cynical kind of photos or compositions. Don’t try to make feel good photos if you are not feeling like that unless you use it as a kind of therapy.”

“But not only the mood of your photos is important when creating your own style. You should be different and consistent in more ways. This can be done by using your special light set up, the direction of the light, the lens and focal length you use, your models (animals, man, flowers, children, babies etc), your post processing etc. But most important be consistent and keep it all close to your heart. This way it stays fun for you to do and by being your style you will be automatically, unique and consistent in what you do.”

Adrian’s Favorite Gear:

“Unless it needs to be printed on huge billboards I shoot all my photos with an Olympus OMD e-m1. Before with the Olympus OMD e-m5. I almost always use the m.zuiko 9-18 mm lens for all my photos.”

To get lost in Adrian’s creativity, check out more of his work at .