DamienHe’s inspired by beauty of all types and claims to see beauty in just about anyone. And when I see his work and the connection he has with his subjects, I believe him. With over 14 years of working as a cameraman and lighting director at BBC, he learned the art of light and the necessities of angles, composition and how to stylize a set and utilize a camera to connect with his subjects. That then turned into an absolute love of image making and capturing the beauty he sees throughout his newfound passion of photography. When you watch his videos and listen to how he teaches with his buttery smooth accent, you can feel his passion for every image he captures. You can learn from his years of expertise. And you can most definitely be inspired by the art he creates. Meet British photographer, Damien Lovegrove.

“I’m inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer I’ve learned to see beauty in just about everyone and everywhere. It’s not what I look at that matters to me it is what I see. I am always converting the three dimensional scene in front of me into a two dimensional image in my mind. The exhilarating visual experience I have every moment of the day drives my passion for photography. I love studying the work of other photographers to relive the excitement of their captured moment.”

“I’m a self motivated guy with quite an entrepreneurial streak in me. It’s been quite a journey from my days at the BBC where I trained and worked as a cameraman and lighting director. 14 years of BBC life taught me nothing about making money but everything about image making that I could ever have dreamed of. The entrepreneurial skills came later in life when I embarked on a lucrative career and teamed up with my wife Julie as wedding photographers. Having a distinct style kept our work at a premium level and we charged high fees accordingly. After 10 years and 400 weddings it was time to move on.”

And moving on is exactly what he did. Cutting loose from weddings allowed Damien to follow his passion for portrait and beauty photography. His obsession with detail allowed him to direct his subjects and utilize his background expertise from television and lighting. He has published multiple critically acclaimed best-selling books and beautifully produced educational DVD’s. One of his most recent projects has been his Hollywood Portraits Remastered. This project is one of his most ambitious projects that teaches Hollywood style cinematic portraits both indoors and out using a range of continuous lighting techniques.
“It took me until my early 30s to develop a maturity that enabled me to direct my clients and models. Effective communication and the ability to forge instant rapport are skills I learned quite late in life. Helping other photographers achieve their goals has been a big highlight in my recent years. My role in life has become to inspire and educate other photographers through a sharing of knowledge, wisdom and passion.”
Damien’s favorite gear:
Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera
18-55mm lens
14mm prime lens
In this video, Damien teaches how he utilized continuous light to create the Hollywood style portraiture.

[vimeo 73385954 w=A]

To see more from Damien head to his learning resource .


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September 23, 2013

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