Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.51.53 PMThis photographer is a beautifully talented wedding photographer but his talent lies much deeper than that. Just a few years back, he and his wife gave up nearly everything they owned to utilize their photography storytelling talents to tell the stories and bring awareness to individuals or communities that may be less fortunate. With his video and photography skills, this man is changing the world one photo at a time with his charity work and is also teaching others to do the same. Meet my dear friend, Benjamin Edwards.

After many trips to Uganda, Congo, Nicaragua and many other places, Benjamin, along with his friend, Kevin Kubota and others started an incredible resource for what I believe to be the most meaningful education. They call it “Workshops With Purpose”. WWP was founded to equip media professionals with opportunities to grow their craft while serving in a global environment, immersing themselves in other cultures and realizing the power of relationships and storytelling in their business and personal life. Benjamin and his partners have now dedicated their educational resources to this amazing purpose of inspiring others to change lives all over the world. And if you take a look at his work and the stories he tells with his charitable work, you may just be inspired to join in.

[vimeo 67796555 w=500 h=281]

Benjamin’s Photography Essentials:

*Family (My wife is my better three quarters for sure, she encourages and inspires me everyday)
*Book keeper (Has saved me time, money and from doing the things I like least)
*Nikon D800 (So, so creamy and good.)
*50mm 1.4 (Fast, sharp and allows me to isolate details.)
*Lensbaby Edge 80 (This is my “get out of the box” lens.)
Benjamin’s Advice:
“You’ve heard it said, ‘photography is more than taking pictures, its a business.’ Hear it again, and repeat: ‘Photography is more than taking pictures, it’s a business.’ Don’t spend all available resources on new gear, software and latest edition this and thats that won’t contribute to your bottom line. Spend time and money on making yourself a better business owner. If business and marketing aren’t something you enjoy, consider finding a way to hiring or partnering with someone who can take on those necessary responsibilities while you concentrate on the creative.

“I also like to encourage photographers, new and sage, to learn more about light. Photography, by definition, is the capturing or painting with light–if we don’t understand its properties, we’re doing a disservice to the industry and our clients.
It’s important to learn how to add light, take it away if needed, how to look for it and place your subject within in. Workshops and on-line tutorials are a great way to learn, but don’t substitute those for getting out and shooting as much as possible.
Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself ‘why.’ Why often gets lost in the how-to world of photography and encourages you to think more about your subject and process.”
To see more of Benjamin’s work see his portfolio and if you’d like to learn how to get more involved, check out Workshops With A Purpose.

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March 10, 2014

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