Today’s photo is by Stephen Vosloo.
“This image was created at the end of a much larger shoot for a book cover that I was working on. We had 10 minutes before the Model had to leave and I asked her if I could take her portrait. The styling and her look was just too perfect to pass up. I placed her in front of a white seamless background and used a large 6ft parabolic umbrella as the key light. Up high pointing down to her at about 45 degrees. The silver parabolic reflector did a great job at high lighting the beautiful texture in her skin. For fill I used a 5ft octa box to the left and slightly behind her. I was careful to feather the light though so that it didn’t hit her directly. Lot’s of time spent in post production, retouching, dodging and burning and making sure that I did not lose any of the natural skin texture.”
Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Lee Johnson, Inc.
Styling Jennifer Ghionzoli
Talent: Karly @ Factor Women

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September 29, 2014

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Hi Melissa, I was wondering how I could join the community and throw my hat into the ring for becoming featured on your weekly artist recommendation.

Richard Harrington

There is a link at the bottom of the story


Hey can you tell us the name of the model who is in the picture.

Bryan Esler

It’s mentioned in the article, but it is Karly @ Factor Women. This was from our “Featured Photo” series, which dates back to 2014, so I don’t have any information beyond that.

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