Title: Rideau River and former Ottawa City Hall (1958-2000)


“I am a self-taught, amateur photographer based for the last 22 years in Ottawa, Canada. My photographic interests are varied, ranging from landscape, to abstract, and to anything else that catches my fancy. Notwithstanding, over the past year I have become increasingly interested in long exposure photography. On this morning in August 2013, I set out to try and capture the movement of the Rideau River as it passes by Ottawa’s iconic former City Hall building. Unfortunately, at that time of year there is little movement visible in the river, in fact, it seems more mill pond than river. And there were no clouds either. So, on to plan B forget long exposure and try to make the most of this spectacular scene. While I was generally satisfied with my final image it seemed to lack that special something. Applying Topaz’s ReStyle filter provided the missing element.”

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