Category: Street.

Photograph: “/////// \\\\\\” by Thomas Leuthard (username “Thomas Leuthard” on Flickr).

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

Why I picked this image: This photo is a great example of how you can incorporate matching symmetry on different layers into your street photography. The tightly cropped frame helps the viewer to focus on the lines on the ground that go in relation with the lines on the shirt. It is an added bonus if the main lines run parallel or in a right angle to each other.

You have to be patient and very fast in reacting if you want to catch a situation like this that is not staged. Your best approach may be to find a static scene with nice contrasty lines or structures and hope for a matching counterpart to walk by. And yes, it may sometimes take a long time until you get something worth capturing. But this is part of the challenge and joy of street photography.

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